Sushi rice
You may or may not know that most Sushi restaurants in New Zealand use Medium-Grain rice for their sushi. While the results are very tasty, Medium Grain rice is not the preferred rice variety of Sushi Restaurants in Japan. Most Japanese Sushi Restaurants will choose to use a Short-Grain rice for making their sushi. This mama san Sushi Rice is a short-grain Japonica Rice – the preferred variety, the real deal!

Gen-Ji-Mai is a Premium Medium Grain Brown Rice that is lightly polished. This special procedure (of partial polishing) removes only a limited amount of the outer layer of rice, allowing the water to absorb quickly, much in the same way as milled white rice. This process leaves a product that is not only superior in taste to ordinary brown rice, but one that also cooks quicker. It has a much higher nutritional content than white rice and cooks more quickly than brown rice – the best of both worlds!